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Are you looking forward to watching Resident Evil: The Final Chapter but can’t quite remember all of intricate details and multi-layered character work of the single continuous story that takes place across the entire series? Fear not, The Final Chapter plays so fast and loose with continuity that much of that information is unnecessary. So without further formality here’s an extremely detailed and definitive breakdown of every important piece of information one needs to know from every Resident Evil movie.


Resident Evil, Paul WS Anderson, Capcom, Michelle Rodriguez, Milla Jovovich

The Resident Evil saga begins with our amnesic heroine, Alice, waking up in a mansion that has a large biological weapon research facility under it. Everything seems abandoned since an outbreak in the lab killed everyone. Alice runs into a team of soldiers that has been sent to investigate the lab but OH NO the lab’s administrative AI, Red Queen, doesn’t like this at all so she uses the lab’s defenses to kill half the team and locks the rest inside with a bunch of zombies. The team wanders around trying to figure out what happened and get out, eventually everyone dies but Alice and she slowly realizes she’s a super capable person, eventually gaining enough confidence in her superhuman physical prowess to jump up a wall, flip off of it, spin around and kick a zombie dog in the head all in the time it takes the dog to run and jump at her. Despite this, at the end she’s incapacitated by the lab’s owners, the evil Umbrella corporation, and wakes up on an operating table in an empty facility. She walks outside to see zombies have overrun Racoon City. We also know that they captured her boyfriend too and that he is taken away to “the Nemesis project.” She ventures out into the wrecked city.


Resident Evil, Paul WS Anderson, Capcom, Sienna Guillory, Milla JovovichAbout three hundred shots referencing the opening of the George Romero film Day of the Dead open up this sequel. Alice adventures around trying to find a way out of the Racoon City, which Umbrella has totally locked down to contain the zombies. She allies with a mix of characters, some from the games, some amalgamations of ones from the games, but soon they are all being hunted down by the Nemesis! The Nemesis is basically a huge zombie that can use guns. It was originally Alice’s boyfriend from the first movie. Oh also Alice has super powers because of Umbrella experimenting on her before and after the first film that basically make her like Daredevil where she has super heightened senses and is super agile. Our brave band of heroes alternately wanders and drives around for 90 minutes until Nemesis is finally destroyed. Despite her abilities Alice somehow gets captured by Umbrella again.  But when she wakes up this time it turns out that not only are they trying to make clones of her, but they’ve experimented on her even more and now she’s basically Tetsuo from Akira so it’s not very difficulty for her to leave. This movie also stars Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine which I have to mention since her involvement in these movies is one of two good things in the entire franchise.


Capcom, Resident Evil, Milla Jovovich, Ali LarterThis one is directed by Russell Mulcahy, the man who directed Highlander II: The Quickening1 and Razorback.2 In sharp contrast to how Resident Evil: Apocalypse seemed to be going, the zombies are now so prolific that their existence somehow causes the entire world to become a desert wasteland like a Mad Max movie with small groups of survivors that wander around feeding off whatever is left of the old world. Alice is a solitary warrior questing around for any information about Umbrella when she finds out that somewhere in Alaska there’s a colony of folks that are prosperous and/or found a way to stop the zombies. Eventually she runs into some more survivors and they embark on a zombie-laden road trip. Alice’s combative prowess is now even more ridiculous than the last film and we find out that Umbrella has been monitoring her this entire time. The movie ends with Alice finding out where Umbrella is storing an army of clones of her, she frees them and now has a huge clone army at her disposal.


Resident Evil, Capcom, Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Paul WS Anderson

Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D3 opens with a bang as Alice and her clone legion close in on a secret Umbrella facility run by none other than Albert Wesker! Oh also they must have mixed something up with the last flick because now the world DID NOT become a desert wasteland like a Mad Max movie and the zombie plague was in fact just contained to Racoon City and whenever an outbreak happens our various corporate and government controlled armed forces and can handle it pretty well. But then a new outbreak happens that starts to overtake the planet anyway. Unfortunately while Alice and her clone army storm the Umbrella complex they completely screw up and die so it’s just Alice and some close friends against the world again. Also she’s not as powerful as in the previous film because Wesker injects her with like an anti-T-virus or whatever. So after the first third of the movie is spent basically pretending most of the past two movies didn’t happen, we get a scene that feels like it’s five hours long where Alice lands a plane and meets obnoxious people. Will they make it to Alaska? This is also the first installment to feature Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker who, along with Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine are the only two aspects of this franchise that are good.


Resident Evil, Retribution, Milla Jovovich, Sienna GuilloryThey make it to Alaska! Michelle Rodriguez played a character that died way back in the first Resident Evil movie but now she’s alive again. This happened with a character she played in The Fast and the Furious series too, will she also return in James Cameron’s Avatar sequels? Either way she’s back and wants…retribution! This movie tries to up the action ante even more with Umbrella airships and winged gargoyle zombies and whatever. It ends with basically all the major characters from the games on top of the White House surrounded by a massive horde of oncoming monsters, preparing for the final battle to end all battles.


Resident Evil, Capcom, Milla JovovichInstead of opening with that epic battle to end all battles between every main character from the games and a billion zombies on top of the White House we learn that it actually happened off screen and they all died and the film goes on from there. Also pretend none of the movies happened except for the first one and Retribution since they retconned everything. Wow!


  1. This movie is some definitive schlock and required viewing for anyone that wants to see a “so bad it’s good” movie. Click here for a small sampling of its pleasures.
  2. This is actually a cool movie with many parallels to Jaws and Moby Dick, except it takes place in Australia and features a nasty hog.
  3. Amusingly the “3D” was part of the official title well into its theatrical release, only really going away when it became available on home video.
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