Podshowdown Episode 5


Podshowdown Episode 5: Ed Wood
It’s five alive on the Podshowdown here, or rather, it’s just three alive on this show, but that’s still one more than usual! Andrew and Mike are joined by their good friend Aziz, a forthright film nerd and fan of the Oscars. He lurves (sic) the Oscars so much that he explains how much they mean to him and dangitall to the naysayers who dismiss it as just another awards ceremony. SPOILER: There’s a good chance his persuasive argument might have won him this episode, not just because he’s the guest… but that’s also probably true. The guys discuss a recent film Andrew’s seen: Ed Wood, the biopic on the 20th century’s most ambitiously bad filmmaker, and as Mike argues, the best thing both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have ever done.

Seriously, watch it if you haven’t yet. It happens to land in Mike’s personal top ten film list, which he rambles about alongside several honorable mentions. Keeping in continuity with a prior episode, Raiders of the Lost Ark was demoted to the HM pile. It ends with an Aziz-style quiz on whether or not certain movie descriptions are real or bogus and an impassioned speech on why the Oscars mean so much to him. Say what you want about them, but as long as they entertain Aziz, let them continue to exist. Oh, and probably a bit of hot takery in there somewhere. We can’t be arsed to keep track since this episode is late enough as it is, but here’s hoping the wait’s been more worth it than Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Actor win for The Revenant!


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