Hi! My name’s Chris. I love video games and movies and write about both on this site. You’ll see the work of a few of my good friends here too.

CHRIS RASA @GamingDetritus – Owner and Editor-in-Chief

Chris Rasa

Chris’ only known functions are learning about video games, watching movies, and writing about both. Much of his published work can be found on Hardcore Gaming 101, where he has worked as a contributing editor since 2004 and, more recently, contributes to HG101’s ever growing selection of books.



ATTIE ASSIMAKOPOULUS @edgey_berzerker – Video Overlord

Attie Assimakopoulos

Attie’s a freelance illustrator, and you can learn more about her work via Patreon. Fortunately for us her career doesn’t stop her from curating Edgey Plays, a prolific YouTube channel where she regularly plays through both new games and campy 90s classics.



ROBERT NAYTOR @RobertNaytor – Phd. (Mortal Kombat Clones)

Robert’s fascination with violent one on one fighting games is matched only by his passion for video games with unusual game over screens. He curates an awesome gallery of the latter that can be seen on this very site!



MICHAEL PLASKET @ContraVania – Tenth Level Podcaster

Michael Plasket

Michael has been writing about games for several years, and most of his work can currently be found on Hardcore Gaming 101. But now he and his buddy Andrew have an awesome Podcast called Podshowdown, check it out here! This didn’t help him escape his Podunk town confinement, so now he’s also back to writing, getting the gears turning and hoping for a prosperous career in virtual entertainment. That makes money, right?