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An American Werewolf in LondonIt’s taken awhile for a bit of a short episode, but some video games take less than two hours to beat that score high marks on various game review sites. So a podcast that takes less than forty minutes to listen to should theoretically earn good review on various podcast review sites. Those exist, right? It’s even a podcast all about games, so if some sort of Rotten Critic or Metatomatoes wants to give us a boost, it’s all appropriate. Andrew, Mike, and Brendalf give brief summaries on their expectations for all games yet to be released for the middle third of the year… as guessed in April. Editor Andrew does his best Pop-Up Video impression and chimes in with post-sale results on all the games that have come out, and even one or two that haven’t yet. And pay no mind to the Best In Show result calling back to the hot take on An American Werewolf in London from last episode. We totally didn’t take one really long episode and divide into two like Richard Lester did when he produced The Four Musketeers. What? Quit looking at us like that and download it already!



Like the continued improbably existence of the live-action Transformers films, Podshowdown still exists! Mike and Andrew’s awesome Irish pal Brendalf joins in for a Hot Takes session, cult eighties film style! Which sacred cow of a film offended you the most to hear taken down a peg? Write in with an indignant email. Mike and Bren attempt to crack the list of the top ten best-grossing movies in the year of 2017… well, up to April, anyway. Inside baseball: This one took a really long time to edit, but anyway. *cough* The boys then discuss their opinions for each movie they’ve seen so far this year… once again, up to April. Although Bren hasn’t seen any 2017 film yet, so Andrew and Mike get into what they have seen and the various degrees to which they liked them. Special not-guest: John C. Reilly as a Muppet. Enjoy this movie-centric PSD and get ready for another episode real soon, because wow, it’s been awhile. Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for months!



Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan.The wait may have been long, but here comes the sixth PSD, or should we say the Switch PSD? Andrew vents a bit about computer failures and college scheduling errors before he launches into a full-on hands-on lights-on Switchcast, talking about all the games he’s gotten so far and how pleased he is with it overall. This ain’t no Virtual Boy, no sirree. While Mike doesn’t have a Switch, he does have a news story of Bob Dylan finally claiming his Nobel Prize, leading to a debate on whether or not he deserved said prize at all. (Disclaimer: Andrew appreciates Dylan as a songwriter, but hates his voice.) However, the recording gods tell Mike to quit trolling Andrew with all the Dylan-isms, so it’s onto the every-five-episodes Hall of Fame nominations! Or it would have been on episode five, but Oscar chat with Aziz was too juicy, so here it is now on the sixth, where the guys nominate their all-time number one video games in the history of forever. Spoiler: They’re both threes! Andrew gets to talk about a bonus game from winning the Best In Show, and it involves something long and scaly. If that sounds dubious, get your mind out of the gutter and get your MP3 player onto the Podshowdown!



Podshowdown Episode 5: Ed WoodIt’s five alive on the Podshowdown here, or rather, it’s just three alive on this show, but that’s still one more than usual! Andrew and Mike are joined by their good friend Aziz, a forthright film nerd and fan of the Oscars. He lurves (sic) the Oscars so much that he explains how much they mean to him and dangitall to the naysayers who dismiss it as just another awards ceremony. SPOILER: There’s a good chance his persuasive argument might have won him this episode, not just because he’s the guest… but that’s also probably true. The guys discuss a recent film Andrew’s seen: Ed Wood, the biopic on the 20th century’s most ambitiously bad filmmaker, and as Mike argues, the best thing both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have ever done. Seriously, watch it if you haven’t yet. It happens to land in Mike’s personal top ten film list, which he rambles about alongside several honorable mentions. Keeping in continuity with a prior episode, Raiders of the Lost Ark was demoted to the HM pile. It ends with an Aziz-style quiz on whether or not certain movie descriptions are real or bogus and an impassioned speech on why the Oscars mean so much to him. Say what you want about them, but as long as they entertain Aziz, let them continue to exist. Oh, and probably a bit of hot takery in there somewhere. We can’t be arsed to keep track since this episode is late enough as it is, but here’s hoping the wait’s been more worth it than Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Actor win for The Revenant!



The Podshowdown’s still alive, so if you’ve been eagerly awaiting our next episode, then I hope you like the Switch! If not, download it anyway since we need the hits. Andrew got to play the Switch firsthand on a press tour, and his personal favorite game might sound disarming! Mike then assigns Andrew to watch the fantastic Tim Burton-directed biopic Ed Wood and the latter assigns the former to play some Boktai, Kojima’s quirky vampire-em-up with an actual solar panel in the cart. Then Mike gets best in show since Andrew didn’t really give him much to do, because consolation prizes are rad. We’re up to four and we’ll try for four more, hopefully in a shorter amount of time!



Indiana Jones! Raiders of the Lost Ark! Andrew watched it! He thought it was pretty good! Not his favorite ever, but he gives an honest look at the ups and not-so-ups of Spielberg’s first homage to pulp fiction (and not the Tarantino film). Afterward is the big focus on the arguable comeback of Capcom’s survival zombo series, Resident Evil 7. Mike thinks it could be a Game of the Year mark, but all the changes it makes in the name of horror haven’t really impressed Andrew. Vote now on what you think! Or… wait, there’s no voting feature. Yet. Don’t hold them to that. They roll into ranking the RE series from 1 to 6, and just 1 to 6 without any Code Veronicas or Zeroes or what have you. They happen to agree with two-thirds of them, but you can disagree with all of them! After all that RE jabber, they end with an exchange of Hot Takes involving sitcoms and Ken Levine. It’s for you, it’s for me, it’s episode three!



Andrew and Mike waste no time extolling the virtues of RoboCop, Mike’s favorite movie ever and one of the best Andrew’s seen lately. It’s violent, satirical, and not for the kids, everything a movie should be. Since Andrew needs to see more movies, Mike assigns him a personal favorite, Raiders of the Lost Ark, that movie with the guy who has the whip and those really bad people and the box that makes everyone’s heads explode. Next, on the newly-established game music show “Juke It Out,” Andrew plays four of his favorite tunes to which Mike fails to guess the linking theme between them. Finally, friend of the show Brendalf travels all the way from Ireland to challenge the two with a quiz that conjoins a certain pink hero with e-cigarettes. It’s bold, it’s new, it’s episode two!



Andrew and Mike come out swinging with their opinions on the Nintendo Switch and Rogue One! As the latest of their respective series, these two affable yet opinionated nerds have differing stances on how they honor their names. It ends with the two ranking the announced Switch games and where Rogue One fits into the entire Star Wars series. Does one of the guys actually rate Rogue One higher than one of the original trilogy?! Stay tuned for sacrilege on the inaugural Podshowdown launch!